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Paul Boxer

paul boxer

Associate Professor
PhD Bowling Green State University
Rutgers University, Psychology Department
101 Warren Street, Newark, NJ 07102
Smith Hall Room 333
Phone-Office: (973) 353-5440 ext. 3943
Fax: (973) 353-1171
E-mail: pboxer at(@)

Research Interests

My research program centers on inquiry into the emergence and maintenance of aggressive behavior, which includes behaviors ranging from "low-level" or more mild forms of aggression and harassment (e.g., Boxer, Edwards-Leeper, Goldstein, Musher-Eizenman, & Dubow, 2003; Boxer, Musher-Eizenman, Dubow, Heretick, & Danner, 2006) to habitual violent and nonviolent antisocial behavior (e.g., Boxer, Huesmann, Bushman, O'Brien, & Moceri, 2009; Boxer, Middlemass, & DeLorenzo, 2009) and finally to extreme incidents of assault and self-injury (e.g., Boxer, 2007; Boxer, 2010).

I approach the study of aggressive behavior from a broad developmental-ecological and developmental psychopathology framework, and at this time my program of research is organized around three critical questions: First, what are the specific configurations of risk exposure most robustly tied to aggression and related problem outcomes? Second, how well do our conceptual and theoretical models of normal human development apply to very atypical, high risk populations? And finally, how can social-developmental science inform efforts to ameliorate the problems associated with aggressive behavior?

Representative Publications

Boxer, P. (2007). Aggression in very high-risk youth: Examining developmental risk in an inpatient psychiatric population. American Journal of Orthopsychiatry, 77, 636-646.

Boxer, P. (2010). Covariation of self- and other-directed aggression among inpatient youth: Continuity in the transition to treatment and shared risk factors. Aggressive Behavior, 36, 205-217

Boxer, P., Gullan, R.L., & Mahoney, A. (2009). Adolescents' physical aggression towards parents in a clinic-referred sample. Journal of Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology, 38, 106-116.

Boxer, P., Huesmann, L.R., Bushman, B.J., O'Brien, M., & Moceri, D. (2009). The role of violent media preferences in cumulative developmental risk for violence and general aggression. Journal of Youth and Adolescence, 38, 417-428.

Boxer, P., Middlemass, K., & Delorenzo, T. (2009). Exposure to violent crime during incarceration: Effects on psychological adjustment following release. Criminal Justice and Behavior.

Boxer, P., Morris, A.S., Terranova, A.M., Kithakye, M., Savoy, S.C., & McFaul, A. (2008). Coping with exposure to violence: Relations to aggression and emotional symptoms in three urban samples. Journal of Child and Family Studies, 17, 881-893.