The Department of Psychology on the Rutgers Newark Campus is primarily a research institution and offers a variety of opportunities for those interested in gaining hands on experience in the many different disciplines of psychology. Current research in the biopsychology of emotion and adaptive behavior focuses on the motivational, evolutionary, and developmental mechanisms underlying behavior. Research in cognitive neuroscience offers training in neuroimaging methods, concepts, and experimental paradigms. Studies in working memory, motion perception, event perception, and spatial navigation are conducted using an fMRI scanner. Research in the area of cognitive science offers training in the computational and experimental study of cognitive processes. The curriculum provides basic instruction in computational and mathematical modeling methods, with a focus on connectionist systems, learning, memory, and categorization. The perception specialization offers training in the experimental study of motion and color perception as well as many advanced areas within vision science. The social psychology concentration focuses on attachment theory, conflict mediation, interracial feedback, social support, and the methods and techniques used most commonly in these areas.

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