Research Labs

Lab Name Lab Owner Location:
Smith Hall, Rm
973-353-5440, ext
E-mail Website
Social Developement Lab Paul Boxer 111 x3931 pboxer Website
Neuroethology Lab Mei-Fang Cheng 4-223 & 5th Fl. x1869 mfc
Social and Affective Neuroscience Mauricio Delgado 4-110 x1827 delgado Website
Visual Perception Lab Alan L. Gilchrist 336 x3946 alan
Cognitive Science Lab - RUMBA Stephen J. Hanson 4-105 x1412 jose Website
Behavioral Dynamics Lab Kent Harber 113 x1749 kharber
fMRI O. Lab Barry Komisaruk 4-213 x1870 brk
Child Study Center Vanessa LoBue 112 x5721 vlobue Website
RISC Lab Luis Rivera B-21 3929 luis Website
Visual Cognition Lab Maggie Shiffrar 316 x3937 mag Website
Attachment Lab Harold Siegel 4-133 x1868 hisiegel
Social Psychology Lab Harold Siegel & Ken Kressel 303 x3936 hisiegel & kkressel
Learning and Decision Making Lab Elizabeth Tricomi 4-103 x1408 etricomi Website
Infant Cognition Center Gretchen Van de Walle 116 & 117 x3933 gretchen Website

*All email addresses are the e-mail name at, at = @