Where did you get the pictures on this site?

The pictures on this site were created by students who were inspired by their psychology or biology lessons and also by independent artists who display their artwork on internet based forums like deviantart.

Listed below are the various artists contact information and links to their portfolios.

Picture Artist Website
yourbrainonfractals d8v1d d8v1d
cinnsmall Cinnamongurl22 Cinnamongurl22
yourbrainondrugssmall psion005 psion005
psychologysymbolsmall enella09 enella09
psychitsmall pixelukingood pixelukingood
psibarsmall xsoulbuRnx xsoulbuRnx
firefox wallpaper Envirotechture Envirotechture
blue swirls Jarednuss Jarednuss

Copyrights are the sole property of their respective owners.

Works by various artists are available at DeviantArt.com