Department of Psychology Colloquim Schedule

Date Picture Speaker Host Title
Jan 28 sameroff Arnold Sameroff
University of Michigan
Boxer/Van de Walle The Secrets of Development: Producing Successful Adults
Feb 11 pasek Kathryn Hirsh-Pasek
Temple University
Boxer/Van de Walle Playful learning: A evidence-based model for early education
Mar 4 nepomnyaschy Lenna Nepomnyaschy
Rutgers University
Boxer/Van de Walle Child support and young children's development
Mar 25 bloom Paul Bloom
Yale University
Boxer/Van de Walle Just Babies What is the origin of human kindness?
Apr 15 brotman Laurie Miller Brotman
New York University
Boxer/Van de Walle A Randomized Controlled Trial of Parent Corps/Teacher Corps in Urban Elementary Schools: Achievement, Classroom Behavior and Parental Involvement from Pre-K through First Grade
Apr 29 feiring Candice Feiring
The College of New Jersey
Boxer/Van de Walle Adjustment following Childhood Sexual Abuse: The Predictive Importance of Abuse-specific Shame & Self-Blame

All talks take place on Fridays from 1:00 to 2:30pm in Smith Hall 371.
Directions are available here or call (973) 353-5440.

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