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The Science of Bad Money Decisions- How to Avoid the Most Common Pitfalls
-International Business Times 
(October 1, 2015)

"People of all ages are prone to follow a practice called the reflection effect, which describes the tendency to make risky decisions when faced with the possibility of great losses, but conservative decisions when tempted by extreme gains."

Why Do We Trust?
-Brain Decoder (September 11, 2015)

"A recent experiment shows that we value relationships for more than just financial gain."

WhyWe Persist in the Face of Setbacks
-Huffington Post
  (September 5, 2014)

Being in Control Makes You More Persistent, Brain Scan
- Time  (September 4, 2014)

"Feeling in control-even when you make a mistake can make a difference when it comes to resolve. When you feel like you have some control over your failures, you're much more likely to continue to try to achieve your goals."    Read More...

Red Pill or Blue Bill: Who cares? Getting to Choose Is the Best Part
- National Post  (July 20th, 2011)Office of Science and Technology Policy Seal

"Life is about making choices, from the mundane (Should I eat a Kit Kat for breakfast?) to the momentous (Should I accept this new job?).

Though we agonize over some decisions, researchers have found that we generally like having choices. And after we choose something, we tend to
like it more.

However, a new study examining the experience of choice, suggests that it’s not just about the selections — it’s about the selecting. Simply having the possibility to choose is pleasurable. ..."
     Read More... 

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions...
- Press Release issued by APS  (July 18th, 2011)

"Should I skip my morning workout today so I can sleep longer? Or perhaps, since it is summer after all, indulge in an ice cold Mocha Frappucino with whipped cream and chocolate syrup drizzled over it instead of my regular herbal tea? Where should I take my date on our first dinner date? Should I go to graduate school? Decisions, decisions, decisions…"    Read More... 

President Barack Obama Selects Mauricio Delgado To Receive Prestigious Presidential Early Career Award 
- Rutgers Today  (Nov. 11th, 2010)Office of Science and Technology Policy Seal

"NEWARK, N.J. Only 85 researchers nationwide are chosen each year to receive the Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers, and this year Rutgers Assistant Professor Mauricio Delgado is one of the select few.

Delgado, who is on faculty in the Psychology Department at RutgersNewark, has been named by President Barack Obama to receive the award, which is the highest honor bestowed by the United States government on science and engineering professionals in the early stages of their independent research careers. ..."      Read More... 

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President Honors Outstanding Early-Career Scientists
   - The White House   (Official press release issued Nov. 5th, 2010)  

Lab Research News

 Under Pressure: Stress and Decision Making 
Observer (APS) Vol. 23, No.6 (July/August 2010)    

 Psychology and Trading: Stress Testing
The Economist,   April 8, 2009    (text) (.pdf)

Auction Self-Control -- Going, Going, Gone
Scientific American,   Sep. 26, 2008     (text) (download podcast!)

Auction Bidding 'Driven by Fear'
BBC News,   Sep. 26, 2008    (text)

Not Exactly Rocket Science: Why Do People Overbid at Auctions?
Not Exactly Rocket Science (Science Blogs),   Sep. 25, 2008    (text)

Proving a Fear of Losing, Losing Face
The Philadelphia Inquirer,   Sep. 29, 2008    (text)

Brain Imaging Study Provides New Insight in to Why People Pay Too Much at Auctions
ScienceDaily,  Sep. 28, 2008    (text)

Science Centric: Brains Rely on Old and New Mechanisms to Diminish Fear
Science Centric,   Sep. 11, 2008   (text)

Neuron: Podcast on Emotion Regulation of Conditioned Fear

When Craving is Better Than Getting
Scientific American,   June 30, 2008    (text) (download podcast!)

Happy Thoughts May Dampen Cravings
New Scientist,   June 29, 2008    (text)

The Regulation of Positive Emotions Is Neurophysiological
Diario Medico,   June 30, 2008   [translation] (original texttranslated text)

Going Broke? Blame your primitive brain
MSN Money,   Feb. 18, 2008   (text page 12, 3)

 9/11 Study Reveals How Flashbulb Memories Form
The Telegraph (,   Dec. 15, 2006    (text)

 Proof That Losing Money Really is Scary
New Scientist,   Oct. 18, 2006    (text)

 Perceptions of Morality Influence Economic Decisions, Brain Responses to Rewards
Science Daily,   Oct. 17, 2005    (text)

 Scientists Reveal the Mechanisms Behind the Loss of Fear
Ciencia Hoje Online,   Sep. 24, 2004    (original text, translated text)

 EurekAlert: The Machinery of Forgetting Fears
EurekAlert!,   Sep. 15, 2004    (text)

3D Amygdala Response, Ledoux & Gorman, 2001

fMRI Brain Data
Scientific Commentary

Goody-Goody Hormone Now Linked to Envy, Gloating
Scientific American,   Aug. 3, 2009    (text)

To Trust or Not to Trust: Ask Oxytocin
 by Mauricio Delgado
Scientific American,   July 15, 2008    (text) (Portuguese text)

BBC News: Trust Drug May Cure Social Phobia
BBC News,   May 21, 2008    (text)

Trust Again
ScienceNews,   May 21, 2008    (text)

 The Neurochemistry of Forgiving and Forgetting
ScienceNOW Daily News,   May 21, 2008    (text)

 The Stress of Poverty Changes the Brain
Scientific American,   Feb. 19, 2008    (text)

 The Rewards of Being Shy
ScienceNOW Daily News,   June 13, 2006    (text)

 Neuroscience and Behavior Alumni Present Research, Offer Advice
The Wesleyan Connection,   Feb. 16, 2006    (text)

 Alumni Share Experiences at NB&B Symposium
The Wesleyan Argus,   Feb. 14, 2006    (text)

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