Marek Mandau
Marek Mandau
Research Assistant (2008)

B.A. in Biology
M.S. in Biology
Rutgers University - Newark

	As an undergraduate at Rutgers University, I sought a curricular foundation that would enable me to learn about cognitive neuroscience. I graduated with a B.A. in Biology (Psychology Minor), and an M.S. in Biology from Rutgers University. At Rutgers I employed microscopy, histology, and electrophysiology techniques to study the fish visual system in vitro and in vivo in the lab of Dr. William Saidel. After defending my Master's thesis, I spent 2 years at Rockefeller University with Dr. Eduardo Butelman investigating the effects of novel opiates in the non-human primate model system in vivo using PET, behavioral, and pharmacological (radioimmuno-) assays. In the Fall 2007, I joined the Delgado and Gluck labs at Rutgers-Newark in a joint effort to explore the extent to which the striatum is involved in reinforcement learning and the way in which prior information modulates learning and decision-making using fMRI, GSR, and experimental psychology applications.  After earning my doctorate degree, I would like to continue studies utilizing neuroimaging and neurofeedback methods such as fMRI, EEG, and MEG to explore the basic and applied science of brain computer interface (BCI) to benefit people with life-altering neurocognitive as well as physical sensory and motor deficits.

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