Research Facilities

The Department of Psychology occupies about 80,000 square feet on every floor of Smith Hall. The department has its own servers (,, computing laboratory, and a series of individual laboratories for neurophysiological, neuroanatomical, and neuropharmacological research. There are more than 16,000 square feet for animal holding and testing. The Psychology Department with UMDNJ supports the Advanced Imaging Center with a state-of-the-art Siemens 3T Allegra head-only magnet (more information can be found at The University Heights Center for Advanced Imaging) and 64-channel EEG (Neuroscan) and 32-channel EEG (Digital ANT) systems.

Additional recent equipment acquisitions include a virtual reality system for the study of spatial navigation, a virtual reality driving simulator, and an optical motion capture system for the perception of biological movement. The department has a variety of human observation and testing rooms, one-way observation rooms, video equipment, high-speed graphics computers, and access to a Hewlett Packard Itanium II Workstation linked to the department's 28-node Opteron computer cluster and storage system, which can hold 20 trillion bytes of data.